Who am I? I'm just your typical broke college student whose asshole boyfriend got her pregnant and then hit the road. Knowing that it was up to me to find a way to support myself and my unborn child, I decided to make this little site and document my pregnancy in an online diary! I'm not a shy girl and love showing my body off. If anything, being pregnant has helped me explore my sexual side and try things I'd never dream of trying before. Thanks to the pregnant hormones pumping through my body all the time, I'm constantly turned-on and always playing with myself. I figured I might as well record everything to share with all of you!

Unlike most pregnancy diaries, mine feautures videos that range from masturbation to fetishes such as peeing, jerk-off instructions, diapers, and more! I've always been a kinky girl and this site gives me the perfect outlet to further examine my wild side. It's packed with easy-to-download videos of me showcasing my big, pregnant belly and full tits in outrageous clips you have to see to believe! My body is changing every day so join me on this adventure and watch me grow. Click here to become a member!

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I created and run this website all by myself and the content is shot by yours truly as well. That's right; the videos and photos are all taken by me as I document the changes occuring to my body. I figured if I was going to put my nude body online I might as well go all-out and have as much fun as possible while doing it! Masturbation, peeing, jerk-off instructions, lactation, diapers... and even smoking! Nothing is off limits as I get naked and kinky for the camera. I'm extremely open-minded and aventurous and this site is a great place for me to fulfill all of my wildest fantasies... and yours!

Inside you'll find all of my easy-to-download amateur videos and photos along with a journal of my development. My body is growing every day and I record the changes in my online diary! My site also features bonus content of a few of my hot pregnant friends. If sexy pregnant girls are what does it for you, then look no further! My site has everything you're looking for and then some, so click here to join me inside right now!

My Site's Loaded With Amazing Amateur Videos I Shot All By Myself! Come On In!

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